Who TF is Katie?


Katie is me. I’m a thirty-something single parent from Australia. I’m mum to Hardy – a delightfully funny and kind 5 year-old boy. I don’t post too many photos of him though in order to protect his online identity and security, yada yada yada.

I started writing this blog whilst on an epic 7-week holiday through parts of Europe as a way to keep in contact with family and friends and keep them up to date. When I got home I attempted to keep writing but I ran out of things to say. Self-doubt set in, and I soon turned everything to private and took time to re-group.

I acknowledge that, normally, the purpose of a blog or online platform is to make money, generate leads, create a community etc. It has some sort of call to action. Not this one. It’s really just a brain dump of my thoughts so I can get them out of my head, maybe generate some discussion and ultimately let other parents/workers/daters/people know that they’re not alone.

It’s this mish mash of various different topics that confused me about the future of the blog – I felt it didn’t have a clear purpose. Who was I trying to reach? What am I wanting to achieve? Then I realised I wasn’t trying to reach anyone, I just wanted to write. To share. I had started trying to write what I thought people would want to hear, and it got me nowhere.

So some posts won’t be relatable, but others might. Either way I hope they make you laugh or that you leave feeling happier than when you arrived. Even if it’s to say ‘gee thank God I’m not her!’

With love,