Quote of the day

On Sunday, sitting in a small patch of sunlight after days of rain, I finished the last page of Jessie Tu’s latest book, A lonely girl is a dangerous thing.

I was slightly distracted by how quiet it was. Usually the esplanade would be packed. The smell of coffee and croissants in the air, the sound of kids squealing and a busker (sometimes good, sometimes not). But none of that on this particular Sunday – the rain had kept everyone away. Just three or four market stall holders, one being ‘Karen’s pre-loved books’. Jesus Karen, it’s meant to rain most of today. Isn’t that the worst kind of stall to keep open on a day like today? Best of luck keeping them books dry, Kaz.

I digress! So, the book. It’s not normally my type of book – I prefer crime because I’m a deviant! But the book was featured on a ‘must read’ list in the paper, it’s Australian, and I loved the title for its obvious appeal to me. I kind of hoped it would be like Kill Bill – a dangerous woman hell-bent on revenge! It wasn’t like that at all, but that’s not to say it wasn’t good.

It follows the story of Jena; a woman struggling with life after being a hugely successful violinist – a child prodigy. She fills the void of her failed career and her loneliness with sex. So. much. sex. It even has the c word on the first page, so you know you’re in for a wild ride.

Whilst the genre and the writing style wouldn’t normally appeal to me, I read on – desperate to find out what had happened to her and why she acted this way, and of course – how would it end?

But in the end it didn’t matter, because what I read on the last page blew my mind way more than the c word on the first page.

To be lonely is to want too much.

Say what! Isn’t that the best quote you’ve ever heard? Well at least the best one you’ve heard today? Reading that could not have come at a better time for me personally. And every now and then it just pops right back into my head. To be lonely is to want too much.

And it’s true. And links back, again, to Mark Manson’s theories and the human condition of constantly seeking more. In thinking about what we don’t have, we neglect to appreciate all that we do have. Like an insolent millennial we keep putting our hands out asking for more. But we just have to be patient.

And if that quote doesn’t float your boat, how about this one:

Me: I’ll walk on this side so if any cars accidentally hit us, they will hit me and not you.

Hardy: Oh! I don’t want you to die!

Me: Aw thanks baby, we’ll be ok I’m just being care–

Hardy: I don’t have a license!

I think he was genuinely concerned for how he would get home if I were to get run over and die!

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  1. You’re exactly right Kate – we always want more, but that seems to be the human philosophy these days. We’re told to better ourselves (not me – I’m a sloth), but some people turn themselves inside out, trying for the better-paying job, bigger homes, cars etc. Some of our peers have what we think we want, but dig a little and you’ll find that they’re still not all that happy. There’s still something missing in their lives.
    We need to look deep into ourselves and think “when was the last time I really really laughed?” For you, it would have been when you were out with friends or interacting with Hardy. That says it all.
    You work to live, not live to work. Soon you’ll be moving into your own home which will give you the sense of achievement and progress through life that you probably need. Then – sit back and enjoy your son; smell the grass and hug a tree. Appreciate all you have and you’ll feel your heart soar.

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