Life lessons

When you’re a parent or carer you also play the role of teacher. Like, don’t put dirt in your mouth, don’t touch the hot stove, don’t put your fingers near the bathtub drain, and for the love of God please don’t say ‘fuck’ when you fall over in the playground.

It’s an important role and never-ending, but what I hadn’t really considered is how you have to teach common sense as well. And, based on my observations, it’s extremely likely some parents have failed at this or simply just given up completely at some point.

Case in point: I’m honestly very curious to know the thought process behind this:

I’m sorry, how exactly is that towel going to dry? Common sense tells us that it should be hung up properly, so as to facilitate the flow of air consistently over the towel so that the moisture can evaporate and therefore prevent the growth of bacteria. Does it not?

Or this:

I’m sorry, was I meant to help you alley-oop these into the basket? Do I perhaps need to buy a much larger dirty clothes basket to help with your aim? Well, based on the look of the toilet that’s a yes. In this scenario, common sense tells us to JUST PUT THE FUCKING CLOTHES IN THE BASKET. Right side out, too by the way (however it goes into the washing machine is how it comes out, don’t blame me if your shirt is inside out when you put it on).

Image source: Mom memes

I’m pretty conscientious about teaching Hardy to do all these things properly. For lots of reasons – it helps me to keep things tidy, teaches responsibility, and demonstrates respect for shared spaces. And it will surely earn him praise and admiration from his future partner!? Because for adults who don’t learn these skills or refuse to actually implement them when they leave the nest, it’s one of those things that just simmers below the surface for those sharing the space with them. The partner/roommate constantly picks up the socks and straightens the towels every day, every day, every day until BAM you’re crinkling that chip packet SO LOUDLY trying to get the last bit of crumbs out and are shocked when the partner/roommate says JESUS CHRIST KEVIN SHUT THE HELL UP AND YOU KNOW WHAT HANG UP YOUR GODDAM TOWELS.

But in all seriousness, I worry for a lot of kids (and adults!) and how they interact and speak with others, how much they demand and expect. A lot of societal pleasantries and structures have deteriorated over the years. Like the use of indicators, for example. We seem less friendly, less connected. I guess I just want to do my bit in raising a respectable human being in a world where perhaps there are no ramifications for being a douche. But where you still act kind because that’s who you are.


  1. I can’t actually see Hardy thinking along the lines of it being common sense to “hang the towel up properly, so as to facilitate the flow of air consistently over the towel so that the moisture can evaporate and therefore prevent the growth of bacteria.” He probably has a long way to go before that occurs to him – like a lot of males actually!! In fact, it might never happen!! Just be comforted by the fact that one day he will have a partner who will have to take over the common sense teachings where you left off. And in the meantime, keep telling him to pick things up; pick them up; pick the effing things up!!!

    1. Haha absolutely! I didn’t mean him, I meant people / adults. Will definitely keep trying and telling!

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