Love in a time of covid

So apparently dating apps have gone gang-busters during COVID, with many reports saying the online dating world has changed forever.

I personally find this unbelievable. Lots of guys whinge about “chatting for weeks and weeks” and not wanting a pen-pal. Don’t even get me started on that. Which is why I find it rather incredulous that guys are suddenly ok to keep chatting, even use FaceTime, as opposed to jumping straight in?

But the experts say yes, that is indeed the case. I asked a fellow single girlfriend about this recently and she said she’s FaceTime’d with someone, but trying to keep the phone at the right/flattering angle leads to a very sore arm very quickly! Ah the perils!

Feeling inspired, I’ve gone back onto Hinge. And what I saw were all the same people who were there last time I gave it a go! “Oh god!” I thought. And then I felt a bit sad – all these people still out there looking for someone. I’ve been back on for a week, matched with one person, and already the conversation has died. Sigh. I just don’t think I’m cut out for this online dating thing!

So even though I probably won’t stick with it (again), I really do hope online dating is changed forever. For people to have more patience, to take the time and invest in talking to someone. For respecting people’s boundaries and their desire not to rush out to meet you – a total stranger from the internet. A respect for the process, if you will, and being more creative with how we spend our time.

Only time will tell.. so I’ll keep you posted!

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