Wine review!

Ok so anyone who knows me knows I like wine. And beer. And spirits. Not all at once though. Not anymore. Sometimes though. But really, very rarely.

In Australia we are really spoiled for choice when it comes to good wine – both locally made and imported. So to help spread goodwill (and because I know everyone is drinking a litttttle bit more than they should right now), I’m going to start doing wine/alcohol reviews.

And my first wine review is an absolute WINNER let me tell you. The wine that is, not the review.

Now let me pause right here and just say: I know nothing about wine. I think wine tasting and describing the palate is almost total bollocks as it’s hugely subjective. But, here we are.

SO *drum roll* introducing: Mr Mick! Specifically, their rose. It’s so delicious that I accidentally drank the entire bottle. That can happen though so maybe that’s not the best way to sell it. My friend also drank the entire bottle. Twice. But here’s what their website says:

“Sangiovese, Tempraillo and Grenache fruit was crushed, chilled and held cold soaking separately for 12 hours in the press in order to extract vibrant colour and red berry flavours from the skins.”


“This is an alluring wine with subtle complexity of strawberry, hints of lychee and white peach. Soft fruit lingers before a cleansing, dry finish.”


Don’t just take my word for it, it’s an award winner!

  • Gold Medal 2017 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
  • Trophy 2018 Langton’s Clare Valley Regional Wine Show
  • Gold Medal 2018 Langton’s Clare Valley Regional Wine Show

Despite all this glory it’s not even that expensive – you can pick it up from Dan Murphy’s for about $16. And the story behind the winemaker is a sweet one which makes me even more inclined to buy from them:

“Mr. Mick Wines, Cellar Door and Kitchen are named after the late K.H. (Mr. Mick) Knappstein, an Australian winemaking legend and Tim Adams’ mentor and friend. Winemakers Tim Adams and Brett Schutz continue Mr. Mick’s philosophy of making “affordable wines for everyone to enjoy”, introducing consumers to new and different varietals, as well as crafting fine quality traditional wines.”

Get into it!

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