My corona!

When I think about my birthday weekend at the beach, compared to what is happening now, I feel a little bit like this:

Source: Pinterest

It seems outrageous that we even went to the coast! My friend made us constantly use hand sanitiser, which was actually a bit of a laugh at the time but we did it. But far out – had we left the trip any later someone would have crash-tackled her to get their hands on that little bottle of sanitiser!

And apparently someone with COVID was at the same restaurant as us the day before, and given how long it apparently stays on surfaces, that constant use of hand sanitiser may have saved us!

I’m so grateful we got to do it given now we can’t go to the beach unless you live there, let alone go to a nice restaurant or even gather as a group. We just managed to squeeze it in before everything went tits up.

The more people kept talking about coronavirus, the more I kind of rejected the notion. “What are we meant to do with all our time if everything shuts down?! The answer: stay at home. WHAT! How!?” I couldn’t fathom life changing so dramatically.

Well, let’s be real, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to eat my words.

And far out have they been hard to swallow. Everything about this is almost unbearable. The impact on so many people in so many different ways: lives lost, jobs lost (including the pain of being the one to let them go), companies going bust, money lost, homes lost, holidays cancelled. Absolutely overwhelming when you then think about how the virus itself might affect you and the ones you care about, and doing what you can to protect them – even if it hurts.

The one thing I found incredibly surprising is the number of people who openly admitted to drinking more or drinking too much. Boredom, anxiety, whatever – the alcohol purchasing limits are testament to how we tend to deal with things ’round these parts.

I know every man and his dog has their ‘tips’ for surviving iso, but this is what I’ve done:

  • Limit news intake about the virus and only refer to reputable news sources (which in Australia is a lot easier to do than other countries). This was particularly important for me given I was talking about it all day at work as part of my role. There had to be a cut-off point – I even banned talking about COVID at the dinner table!
  • Swap out increased social media usage with more inspiring content, like the revised versions of Weekend Edition – good, positive content sure to put a smile on your dial.
  • Use the change in routine to develop new, healthier habits. Personally, the time I’ve gained by not commuting I’ve spent exercising – sometimes up to 3 times a day. Which is huge for me.
  • Make plans – while we’re not sure when we might be able to see them through, the process of planning a holiday can create a massive boost in happiness as per this article – even more than the holiday itself. Italy again, anyone?
  • Obviously Marie Kondo knows a thing or two about cleanliness so while we’re all stuck indoors there’s literally no better time to have a clean out. Which she says, “can be a calming and perspective-generating intervention.”
  • Go green – I brought my work plants home and created a little green space in my room, and have slowly added to my collection. While it’s certainly not considered ‘essential travel’, a trip to the nursery became the highlight of my weekends. Think of plant care as an analogy to self-care.

But let’s be real: once you’ve done a few home workouts, your skin glows from all the facials, and your room is spick and span – then what? This is a marathon run at a speed we are not used to – some days will be bad. But it’s important to remember that not being ok, is completely ok.

Good luck out there.


Image source: BBC

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