Year of the Rat

When I realised 2020 was year of the rat, I felt it didn’t really have a good connotation. But apparently according to Chinese culture, they are a sign of wealth. They are the yang and represent the beginning of a new day. So that actually sounds pretty promising.

You’ve probably seen a lot around about this being the start of a new decade and people reflecting on the last decade. I was shocked when I thought about what I’d done in the last decade.

  • In 2010, I turned 23 and I got married.
  • I bought my first house shortly thereafter, and finally got to put all my home decorating ideas into use, rather than trying to polish every rental turd!
  • In 2012, I went on my first major overseas holiday through parts of Europe. It was incredible. Turkey and Gallipoli, northern France (the battlefields and memorials), Paris, Barcelona, Munich (for Oktoberfest!). And to see it off, the trip ended in Prague with a few close girlfriends. Prague is a magical city and I still pinch myself at the thought I’ve been there, particularly with such good company in tow.
  • In 2014 I fell pregnant and was at the height of my career.
  • In 2015, Hardy came into my life and changed everything about me. Well, almost everything.
  • By 2016 I was back living at home and returning to work. And eventually become single under the eyes of the law.
  • And then the last three years have been a blur. Emotionally trying, at times joyous and rewarding.

When I think about the amount of personal growth I have achieved in the past 5 years I feel a bit emotional. I’ve never learnt so much about myself and about life in general. I’m particularly proud of the metaphorical ‘balls’ I’ve grown: standing up for myself and saying no when old me would have said yes. I don’t take much shit anymore, but my warmth and capacity for love has never been greater. I actually sound a bit demented.

And so another year and another decade begins. After the absolute highs of last year, 2020 will have to be pretty special to beat 2019. I am a huge goal-oriented person. I set myself something and I go for it. But I also give myself heaps of leeway though so I achieve goals rather slowly.. or the goalposts shift to suit my change of heart!

So this year I’ve set three goals: Home (buy one), Heart (keep mending it, maybe find a boyfriend and break this VERY LONG drought), and Health (improve it). I know the whole New Year Resolution thing is equal parts infuriating and ridiculous but I somehow always get caught up in it. The promise of a fresh start, like we can shed our skin and create something new.

I wager $50 that by June I’m still broke, fat, and single..! What are your plans for the year?

Image source: The Sun

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