Ending on highest of highs!

So, we need to talk about Disneyland. I’ve never really been into it, probably wouldn’t have gone there if I didn’t have Hardy. That would have been a mistake. Disneyland is AMAZING. It makes Dreamworld look like the local fete. The various ‘lands’ are all incredible – I took so many photos. The detail is awesome and the scale is huge. I would have been happy to just walk around and look all day.

At first we found it hard to find a ride for Hardy as some he was eligible for scared him a bit. So I suggested we go over to the Buzz Lightyear area when we stumbled into the start of the morning parade. It was amazing! It was a special ‘Jungle Jive’ which wasn’t entirely appropriately named because it featured quazi-Indian dancers and some sort of tribal element. Anyway, it was a sight to behold and hugely entertaining! I wasn’t sure if Hardy was enjoying it because he wasn’t waving at any of the characters, but after it finished he turned around in the pram and said ‘that was really good!’ Phew!

We had the most success/fun in the Fantasyland part – flying Dumbo ride, teacups, a little train ride, and this adorable boat ride through various scenes from famous storybooks. So sweet!

Another highlight (for me) was the Swiss Family Robinson tree. So cool! I haven’t seen the film but still, I liked it.

We had booked return coach transfers to the precinct but the bus didn’t leave until 9 pm which by the time we got back would have been super late. Plus, that would have meant we were in the park for 11 hours! Way too long – we only had a one-park pass (Disneyland) but you can also see a Universal Studios-type area and something else as well. The development is like a little city – it’s massive.

And then as we were about to leave, I spied my childhood favourite – Pluto. I just had to have a photo with him! He and Hardy danced which was hilarious and cute. I have heard people get emotional at Disneyland, seeing all their childhood fantasies turn into ‘reality’. I didn’t cry or anything but I got it.

So there you go. A Disneyland convert. It was honestly just so good. Not sure if they are all the same or what, but let’s all go to the Hong Kong one! When the unrest is over, of course!

Thanks to everyone who has read our stories along the way and for your wonderful suggestions and comments and motivating words. I have loved writing it and sharing the journey with you. This trip has been the most incredible experience in terms of the fun we have had, the things we have seen and done, friends made and challenges met. I’m intensely proud of what we’ve done and I feel rejuvenated about my life in general. I just hope I can maintain these feelings when I get home!

Au revoir, ciao and see you soon!

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