As anticipated, today was epic! While we had a leisurely morning, the afternoon/evening was exhausting. The main road in front of the hotel is very noisy and this morning it was really difficult to sleep. We woke up around 6 am but fortunately managed to get back to sleep. I think the cleaners must have not closed one of the balcony doors properly, as the noise wasn’t so bad the night before. However, I was still pretty tired today from the interrupted sleep.

We started our day with a walk to the highly recommended restaurant, 4 Leoni which was only 15 minutes away. Aaron and Bron you weren’t wrong about the pear ravioli dish! It was superbly delicious, and just the right size. Probably not an ideal dish considering the day ahead but I was very happy to tick it off the list 🙂

As promised to Hardy, we went off in search of a toy shop. This was also part of my cunning plan as a toy first up would (hopefully) keep him entertained for the rest of the day. He opted to add to his Avengers collection with a Captain America figurine.

We still had a few hours to kill as our skip-the-line tickets for the Uffizi weren’t valid until 4.15 pm. So to pass the time, and as a resut of a thinly-veiled threat from a friend, we paid a visit to the Bapistery of Saint John. I had initially thought it was closed because all the doors were shut but I learnt this is to protect its beautiful interior. It’s one of the oldest in the city, constructed between the 10th and 11th centuries. The intricate mosaics depict different biblical scenes as well as a huge face of Jesus. The hole at the top allows the light to flow in, and considering it was near the middle of the day it lit up the gold and coloured tiles beautifully.

While most of the interior was being restored (and therefore cleverly covered with life-size replica sheets to give you an idea of what it looks like), the ceiling alone was worth it. Very similar to what we saw in Venice actually but on a smaller and more intricate scale.

Still with time to kill we did the ultra-touristy thing and went on a horse and carriage ride through the city!

I could feel myself fading rapidly – I’d been walking for about 4 hours now and I was exhausted. After a cappucino, which I was hoping would revive me, it was finally time to head inside the Uffizi. I was glad to not have chosen a guided tour as we could make our way around at our own pace, see what interested us, and bail when we were done. Once inside I actually felt invigorated. The venue alone is beautiful and it was so incredible to see famous pieces in person (and ones far more impressive than Mona Lisa can I just add!) The various artists’ talents were just incredible, in some pieces (from people I’d never heard of) the detail made it look more like a photograph. Not to mention the sheer size of some of them.

No joke I heard someone say ‘There’s a crowd over there, this one most be important’

I actually felt pretty immature at times because when I looked at the pieces I couldn’t help but think of the Renaissance-related memes that have been around for a while, making fun of their facial expressions and gestures. I read on one piece that the strange positions were often because the artist wanted to demonstrate their skills and to test themselves.

Hardy was suprisingly pretty good about being there but I didn’t dilly dally so as to not push my luck! By the end I was shattered and caught a taxi instead of walking. I’ve also ordered food to be delivered!

Tomorrow we will quickly have a squiz at David before heading to the airport after lunch. There’s a lot on the next few days too – Eiffel Tower, Monet’s house, Disneyland – hope the exhaustion translates to sleeping on the plane!

Ciao xx


  1. I got tired just reading that, but you’re seeing so much, it’s worth it. It’s amazing seeing all those famous paintings and statues ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, and it makes you almost speechless.
    Say hi to David tomorrow.

    1. It really did make me speechless! It’s like something that exists in abstract until you see it. Hardy thinks we are seeing an actual naked man today 😂

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