Dear David

No I have not met a beautiful man and decided to elope, nor have I even had my bum pinched as was promised to me actually! But rather, I finally saw Michelangelo’s David. And man isn’t he a sight to behold!

This is one of those tourist attractions that has earned its status. I knew what he looked like of course but once inside the Galleria Academia I wasn’t sure what to expect. And then you turn a corner and BAM. He commands the entire space. Looming large and glowing under the dome sunlight – it took my breath away. I think my words actually were ‘holy shit there he is.’ I walked slowly as I wanted to pay my dues and respect to the other items in the gallery and look at them, but if you were the artist with your best work hanging there, wouldn’t you just roll over in your grave! No one was looking at them. It was all about David.

I had no idea he was so big. Like, huge. Making the incredible intricacies of the sculpture even more impressive. And to think it was carved from a discarded chunk of marble! And it’s so well preserved, just astonishing. Here’s the blurb:

Hardy was obviously impressed or something because he wanted to get a tiny little David souvenir. He chose a silver one (they come in all sorts of crazy cool colours). Or maybe he wanted it because it was shiny?? I opted for just the head of David in cool blue and pink hues. I am probably committing serious sins against art for doing so but meh.

Even though it was still early, we had to stop for one last gelato! I also realised I hadn’t tried cannoli at all so best do that before we go!

We enjoyed the familiar walk back to our hotel where we got a taxi to the airport. I respect that it is a flat fare too, how good. Hardy is excited to see Paris which is awesome. Although I still feel tired and possibly coming down with something, I’m really excited and optimistic about what’s to come. We have had such a blast, with ups and downs of course.

Oh and we’re having a Halloween party mum and dad – orders from the boss. Zombie cake and everything. Get your costumes peeps!

Ciao.. soon to be au revoir!


  1. So glad you enjoyed David – he is definitely worth seeing. It will be sad to farewell your beloved Italy, but Paris here we come …………

  2. Hardy is going to go into ice cream withdrawals when he gets home!! How will you ever stop him eating it daily? Hmm?? Hahaha

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