Good for the soul

Well we have made it to Florence, the second last stop on our big adventure. Our hotel is just near the river and a playground which is great. However, the footpaths are very uneven which is proving really hard for me to navigate with the pram. Probably the worse we’ve encountered so far! But this is totally outweighed by the beauty of Florence. Wowee – I’m in love and we’ve only been here a few hours.

We have had a pretty good introduction though, with a two-hour evening walking tour with our lovely guide, Rachel. It was actually a scavenger hunt – we had to use our ‘eagle eyes’ to find various monuments and landmarks and got different points for answering questions correctly (this is all aimed at Hardy btw!) He was a very enthusastic participant and got ‘a hundred’ points! I got one – too busy taking lots and lots of photographs!

It was great to do something in the evening as I wouldn’t (and haven’t) venture very far at night, so having the safety of a local was great – and Florence is beautiful at night.

We saw quite a few of the main sites including the cathedral, Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi (outside only).

I think Rachel said the cathedral (Santa Maria di Fiore) was 2,000 years old and took hundreds of years to complete. I think, don’t quote me on that! It is absolutely magnificent on the outside as its made of marble in lots of beautiful shades. But on the inside, it is very plain and made of wood which was to reflect that Jesus’ house and life was very humble and simple.
Even though Florence is not near the water, they Medici family erected this tribute to Posiedon as a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to the likes of Livorno and Pisa who were major port towns. It was meant to be a bit of a muscle flex.
Uffizi (one angle of it anyway – it contains 1200 pieces of artwork).
Ponte Vecchio
View from the Ponte Vecchio. Apparently all of Florence’s bridges were destroyed in WWII except this one, with one German bomb apparently difused by a man with polio.
Rubbing its nose and putting a coin in its mouth to wash down into the grate is meant to guarantee you come back to Florence one day. Hardy did it twice!

Our tour ended with what was described as the best pizza in Florence – Pizzeria Toto (it was pretty good I guess!) and a gelato which was great.

Hardy was desperate to go back to the oldest and best lolly shop in Florence on the way home – Gilli. It’s in a gorgeous square with a carousel. There were buskers playing the likes of Jeff Buckley and it was in that moment my heart felt full (again, as well as my belly). A beautiful city, a happy little boy, and a terrific tune. Can’t ask for much more than that.


  1. Spirits lifted – that’s good. Lots to see in Florence, so enjoy. I wonder if you’ll buy any leather – which is what Florence is known for – maybe a bit exxy though.

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