Lazy in Lucca

Today we awoke to quite a large thunderstorm which was nice – laying in bed listening to all unfolding outside. All day long the weather has been uncertain but – touch wood – we’re yet to be actually rained upon!

Because the weather was so up and down we’ve spent most of the day indoors. We ventured out to ride the carousel again. The first time we found it we had been circling around half the city on the wall, but when looking for our tour group yesterday morning we stumbled upon it again – just 5 minutes walk from our B&B.

After the ride we grabbed some lunch. Considering we haven’t eaten anything that hasn’t come from a supermarket for a few days now, fresh pasta was a godsend. One of the local dishes here is a ragu, kind of like ravioli but it wasn’t called that on the menu. Basically meat filled pasta with bolognase/meat sauce. This place even had ‘nugget pollo’ – chicken nuggets! Delisiozo!

Hardy has become quite enamored with parmasan cheese, eating it by the spoonful. Today he was sprinkling it and saying ‘do you want to try my air food?’ Such good table manners!

After a bit of a riposo in our room, we headed out again to climb the Torre Guinigi – a tower with a garden on top. You can see it from surrounding streets in Lucca. Like a tower with hair! At 44 metres high, it only has 230 stairs! I didn’t think we would do it while we were here, but Hardy was pretty insistent so I thought ok, let’s give it a go. It actually wasn’t difficult at all – sure you can feel the burn after a while but it took like 5 minutes!

Hardy was so funny – ‘we’re nearly there’ was said about four times, and when he finally broke through to the top he holds his hands out to the side and says ‘wow, this is incredible’ and pushes his hair back like he can’t quite believe it. The view was pretty good – 360 degrees over the whole city. I don’t think it’s the highest point but probably the nicest!

Should maybe photoshop out that girl’s ass cheeks!

Feeling invigorated by the climb, we decided to do some shopping as there are a few important people we’re yet to buy for. Even though it was still riposo there were still lots of people about. They must be locals as so many of them had dogs, which made it feel nice, like we were just out for a Sunday stroll in old town Lucca, as the locals do.

We’re going to try and actually go out for dinner tonight to avoid having surplus supermarket supplies in the morning, as we head to Florence tomorrow. We’re well and truly on the home stretch now – a mere 10 days to go until we’re home. I’m really excited to come home and see my family and friends and beautiful Soph Soph. But I’m trying to soak up every moment we’re here and not will it away. I’m also not looking foward to reigning in the diet, getting up before 7 am, and all the pitfalls of normal living!

Ciao xx


  1. Well done – walking up all those steps, and it was worth it for the view. You know we’ve become accustomed to reading your daily blog – will miss it when you get home.

  2. I so love your daily posts too! It’s felt so great reading along with your adventures. Can’t wait to have you back – the kids have been mentioning how much they miss Hardy! He looks so grown up in the photo outside the deli/shop!

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