Lovely Lucca

I won’t be able to update everyone as much whilst in Lucca as the wifi in our B&B is virtually non-existent, which our hosts blames on the thick walls. We made it here yesterday unscathed, successfully catching both trains (bringing our own food this time of course). We were fortunate to not have any of the trains with stairs which was great, so we could basically just step on board.

Since we’ve been here I’ve kept an eye out for suitcases but we’re on the home stretch now anyway – one train to go and then the flight from Florence to Paris, and then home obviously, so my time spent lugging it all will soon be over!
So anyway, Lucca! Our first day was a bit hit and miss. Our B&B is a real B&B as opposed to the one in Monopoli. Again, the rooms take up only part of a building so it’s another rabbit warren of door after door. Our keychain has 3 keys on it. Our host Gaia showed me a map and where various things were which was great and has already been really helpful.

We arrived right in the middle of riposo (siesta) so everything was shut. But I could tell our location was great – just around the corner from the main shopping drag in Lucca (which has lots of great known and local/unique shops – mum you’d love it!) and also very close to its gorgeous amphitheatre/circular piazza. We went for a walk to investigate hiring bikes, which I thought we could do for a few days but alas it is only by the hour. So we walked back empty handed.

By 4 pm I was starving but nothing was open still. We found a crummy Conrad supermarket and as you do when you shop whilst hungry, bought a whole lot of crap! A slice of “pizza” (it wasn’t even refrigerated), some random cold cous cous dish, biscuit looking things, some brie, nutella dipping sticks, random pieces of fruit etc.

Our building is so old and the layout strange for me, so I didn’t get a great vibe, and the lack of wifi (which I’ve paid for) and the shower only running cold didn’t improve my mood much.

The dining room come office come reception

So we got out our crummy supplies and had ourselves a little picnic on the bed in our room as an early dinner! A big fall from grace compared to what I’d been eating at the last place, that’s for sure!

Today was much better. While I woke up still grumpy, I did a bit of exercise and then we ate breaky with all the other guests. Such a quaint little affair – a random bureau’s top opened up to showcase some ham and cheeses, another table had some cereal and bakery goods, and they make eggs to order. I stupidly ordered poached and of course it came out underdone. Which for those who don’t know, is a sure-fire way to make me gag. I did my best to avoid the runny white parts (gag) and eat as much as I could to be polite.

We then set off to finally get those bikes. I asked for two and he showed me a pink step-through (ladies bike) with a basket on it. Right, if that’s the kind of lady I look like, then so be it! Hardy chose a slightly too small yellow beast, then off we went!

It was such a beautiful ride – nice and flat, a bit of a breeze blowing, and as it’s a bit cloudy here today the temperature was just perfect. I’m not really one for cycling and would only really do it for Hardy’s sake, but I found myself smiling most of the time. Just really enjoyed cruising along, looking at the beautiful scenes around us and of course happy to see Hardy having a good time too, doing what he loves.

We were just going to go around half of the town’s famous wall to stop at their botanical gardens. But when we got there we couldn’t figure out how to get in! So we kept on riding and eventually rode all the way around! I don’t know how far it is altogether, but it took about 2 hours (which included pit stops at every single playground we came across on the way!). Little Hardy hasn’t lost any of his newly-acquired cycling skills and he received many admiring glances and comments from those we passed.

A carousel! Definitely ready for Paris now!

Hardy is super exhausted though after the big ride and lots of walking, so the rest of the day should be interesting! The suggestion of him taking a nap was not met well.

We had another bed picnic and watched The Avengers (the one where they become the team). Man it was fun! Hardy loved it. Quote of the day is from when Hardy had made so many crumbs with his chips he said “I think I have become the packet!” Hahahaha.

Again I (greedily) got to watch him fall asleep. He picks the most unusual tunes from my sleep app to fall asleep to but it works for him 🤷🏻‍♀️. After a while he rolled over and I saw his little ribs and some veins as he breathed in and out. I realised then, perhaps our fascination with babies and young children is the fact we made them? Not just women obviously, even if I had the thought that holy shit my body grew that. My body built that. Every cell. And now it’s gone on and built its own cells etc. It really is a “marvel”, to bring my my story full circle anyway 😉 Come on everyone loves a dad joke!

Tomorrow we head to Cinque Terre which I’m really excited about. It should be great too because the trip is broken up with driving, trains and a boat so hopefully Hardy doesn’t suffer the overall length of it too badly!

ciao xx


  1. Back on a bike – he’d be happy. Wish we were there. Enjoy the Cinque Terre tomorrow/today.

  2. Hello Katie
    So lovely to see you and Hardy are having such a fantastic time.
    Beautiful photos!!!
    Enjoy 🇮🇹
    Izabel 🌻

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