Livin’ local

Like little evolutionary mushrooms, today we emerged from the darkness and stepped into the light! Very biblical.

Basically we just did something – we got a taxi into town to have a look around. Today was market day in Borgo San Lorenzo. I pictured stalls of fresh fruit and veg and cheese and ham, lots of yelling maybe as the crazy Italian farmers flogged their wares. I knew this was a great opportunity to do my best Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun! And while yes there was fruit and veg and cheese and hams, there was also A LOT of clothes. Undies, to be precise, and shoes. Kind of like a flea market. Less Diane Lane.

But I managed in pidgeon Italian to purchase three green apples, some bananas, some freshly made ravioli and parmasan cheese. I’m not 100% sure of what is inside the ravioli, but it’s “something local” so I went with it. There was a lot of people around though considering it is.. Tuesday? It seems like it’s ok to not be at work if you have a really specific shopping list that needs urgent attention, such as undies, socks, shoes, some terrible looking clothes and some grapes.

I’m glad I told the taxi driver to come back in two hours as there really wasn’t much else to see in the town itself. It was pretty, there just isn’t much to it.

We killed the last bit of time in a little square. Some kids played soccer – running around screaming and singing – and climbed all over a Roman-esc monument.

The kitchen doesn’t serve dinner on Tuesdays (hence my pasta purchase) but instead offers Happy Hour at the pool. Hardy was beside himself with excitement when I told him. ‘Oh my gosh!’ I’m not sure if he was expecting the Taylor Place gang to actually be there or what. But it was an awkward ensemble of the guests, spread out all around the pool with various drinks, not engaging with one another at all (perfect), and they served bruschetta and some small slices of pizza. One waitress’ iPad played music which included random Italian rap tunes. Not at all awkward.

Darn wind giving me a hella awkward fringe there. Hulk – such a sweet date!

We stayed for half an hour (playing Avengers) before heading back to cook the pasta. The guy recommended I serve it with olive oil and parmasan. Unfortunately there wasn’t any olive oil so it was a bit dry with just the cheese. Still pretty nice though. This is it uncooked, obviously:

We ended the evening watching Eric Bana’s The Hulk from 2003 so Hardy could fully understand his evolution because the e-books and cartoon TV series are clearly not enough! And obviously Eric is a much better actor than Edward Norton, am I right? Pfft. Edward Norton, get real. As much as I adore Lou Ferrigno, I think Mark Ruffalo is the best. I just crush on him generally though.

After Hardy went to sleep I had a mild emotional crisis based on trying to reschedule our flights home because Hong Kong is such a cluster fuck, receiving my phone bill and the overall cost of this trip getting higher and higher. I wanted to just throw in the towel and come home, but this obviously won’t solve anything and just be a total waste of money for the cancellations etc

I’ve tried to remind myself it’s a once in a lifetime trip. Of course it will cost a dime. Plus you can’t have everything all the time, so the house and everything else will just have to wait. I hate being impatient and not a gazillionaire! Everything works out in the end. I feel better already just letting it out.

Annnnyway, tomorrow we go horse riding!! I have high hopes for Hardy’s skill based on his time with Aunty Row Row on Koopa (this will make no sense to some of you sorry). As for me, if I don’t die, it’s been a good day (I’m a bit scared of horses). What kind of May am I?!



  1. Don’t worry about the flight costs. We’ll look after that, as well as helping with the real estate. Just enjoy!!!🥂🥂🥂

  2. Ditto from mama. Why was the phone bill so horrific? Wasn’t it the $10 per day thing?

    Love the new dress. Borgo San Lorenzo is a nice-looking little place. You must be feeling like a local by now.

  3. If you crush on Mark Ruffalo, remind me to tell you the movie I saw recently on Netflix with a naked Mark Ruffalo. Full frontal.

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