Giddy up!

Without wanting to push ourselves too hard, today we went out – again! This time to the Mugello Racing Club for what I thought was a pony ride. But it was actually more of a riding lesson which was even better.

Hardy had to first brush the horse all over with different brushes, then learn the various items they would need such as the saddle etc, before we walked into the arena. No one even mentioned pairing me with a horse so I kept quiet, happy to play ‘equestrian mum’! Hardy has ridden a few times with his Aunty Row Row and at various fairs etc. He apparently has a good seat? Is that what it’s called? Either way he is very enthusastic about wanting to become a rider (even before today) so to learn a few more tricks made him pretty happy (and smug!)

Daphne started with getting him comfortable in various positions, reaching forward and backward with each hand, as well as turning all the way around in the saddle. She then taught him how to make the pony turn her head. The reins were great as they had different colour blocks on each side to correspond to different commands (I assume they have these at home?) but it made it easy for him to understand where to hold and pull. Check him out doing the slalom! I hope the video works..

He was then taught how to use his feet to get Rina (the pony) going, and use the reins to stop.

More tricks!

Daphne said he was very good but either way he had a blast. He skipped of happily and then helped Daphne wash Rina. Her stablemate was going nuts and Daphne explained that because they live together he doesn’t like when Rina isn’t there! How sweet! All in all it was really fun and hopefully a good learning experience for Hardy. So, who has land for a pony?? Oh and money of course.

After the riding school we came back to pack, do some more laundry while we can, and finally address the ever-pressing issue of our return flights. Chris found some more options for me which are cheaper to book from my end. But of course, it was another clusterfuck between not having cellular coverage and being disconnected from various Singapore Air staff at various parts of the booking process. I ended up with like six partial bookings but then couldn’t re-book them because the system was still holding them for me so it looked as if the flight had sold out. But, a wonderful lady based in Milan helped me sort it all out using the hotel phone and we now have a fast, direct and importantly a safe route home. Plus we arrive a few days early. Even if it did cost an arm and a leg I’m trying not to think about it! I hope Allianz comes through with my claim but only time will tell.

Tomorrow we head to Lucca, changing trains in Florence. Will likely be a change of pace again but I’m looking forward to seeing Lucca as I’ve heard lots of great things. Plus we’re hoping to find a bike for Hardy to ride – he seems to be having withdrawals!

In case they’re reading this, just wishing all my work friends a successful Showcase on Thursday and Friday. It takes an awful lot of work to pull them off so I hope it goes off without a hitch and you drink plenty of alcohol to recover! You’re a great team!

ciao xx


  1. Just another wonderful learning experience for little man. He did seem at home in the saddle. Loved the photos and videos.

  2. Super cute Hardy! Mark is very impressed with your riding skills! 🙂
    Just realised all my comments pop up as ‘anonymous’ sooo its me incase you were wondering! Haha – Kel xxx

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