The strange weather continued today but in the end we received the thunderstorm we’d been promised.

Before it struck we had already spent the morning indoors which, when the storm did arrive, made me panic – oh crap! How will we pass the time? Like I anticipated though, time here just evaporates. We played Avengers after breakfast, and then I relented and played Monopoly. I don’t usually like it, but it was actually really fun – even with a four year old. The dice helped us practice counting and adding up numbers. Hardy was a total sleuth too. He picked up a suite of properties and was on his way to another, as well as various “utilities”. Eventually he had a hotel on one which would have cost me 850 Euro if I landed on it. I kept getting the old ‘you need to pay for repairs’ or other costly cards which left me struggling! I even got sent straight to jail!

Being the “Monopoli” version everything was in Italian but we just used the image function on the Google Translate app (thanks Chris for that suggestion too!) to find out what the card said. Not everything made complete sense but we fumbled through – who cares anyway right?? It was really nice too to see and buy properties of places we had actually seen in Monopoli, which I assume would be the same for the other special edition of the game, including the original if I’d ever been to London!

I had forgotten to book us a table for lunch so when I walked downstairs at about 1 pm I panicked when I saw there weren’t any places laid out. I meekly asked if it was possible to get some lunch (I mean, what would our other options be anyway?! There is nothing at all within walking distance), she said of course, which was a relief. The lunch menu is described as “basic” – a ham and cheese sandwich, cold cuts and cheese, salads etc. I opted for the tomato soup which had tempted me previously but it has always been too hot. And again with the food here – it was sublime! A soup! It was quite thick as it was blended with bread, rather than dipping bread into something more liquid. By this time the storm was really rolling in, so I sat there eating my soup, Hardy making a meal of his sandwich, listening to the stormy breeze rustling the leaves. I love that pre-storm atmosphere!

When we went inside to escape the envitable rain, I heard the kittens. Oh gosh, I hope they don’t get wet. Poor little poppets. They are so tiny. Hardy took this photo yesterday:

I’ve had to tell him to just let them be but he says ‘I’ve never seen a baby one before!’ I’m assuming bread isn’t good for cats?

We managed to pass the time – play-dough, the iPad, Avengers, cars etc. I’m conscious of the iPad time at the best of times, so today I tried to minimise it even if we were stuck indoors. I said ‘Hardy do you want to play a game or something?’ ‘No mum, I am relaxing here.’ Like, dah. Haha, righto. Eventually by early afternoon the rain passed and we squeezed in a swim.

I asked Hardy to take this. He’s getting good but why do I always turn out so fat? Oh… :/
I told him he looks about 12 years old. ‘Show me. Hmm, I do.’

Then before you know it, it’s dinner time. Tonight was asparagus flan with pecorino cream, and tomato bruschetta – two entrees because I couldn’t decide between the two (thaaat’s why I always look so fat haha). Hardy insisted he was starving but always fills up on the bread, so he only made a meal out of half of the cheeseburger.

Oh and we found the kittens – right outside our door on the roof of the unit below ours!

Tomorrow we head into town which will be nice I think. They don’t serve dinner on Tuesdays so we can get some supplies. Hardy discovered a kitchen behind a door today so we could have been cooking this entire time. ‘How did you find it?’ ‘The cleaning lady opened it and I happened to walk past.’ Haha you happened to? The vocab these days!

ciao xx


  1. Beautifully relaxing, but I don’t think I’d like the storm so much. Was it really loud thunder and lightning?
    Hardy really does look 12ish in that photo. Love his increasing vocabulary too. Maybe he’s going to be a photographer. That one of you in the window is very good.
    You should check out your apartments a bit better in future – never know what you might find, eg a kitchen!!

  2. This place looks soooo incredible, sounds like it’s going to be hard to leave. Keep the pics coming! Xxxx

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