Today was lazy with a capital L. We slept in, did some laundry, went for a swim and checked out the playground. We have adopted the siesta lifestyle as come lunchtime we can both feel ourselves fading and in need of a rest, despite having been awake for only a few hours. Even though summer here is officially over it’s still quite warm. I wonder if the siesta feels as natural in the colder months? There are so many things I wish we could do at home, like the siesta, or even drinking on the beach. Why can’t we do that? Are Aussies not mature enough to not get blind drunk and drown? So be it, Darwin theory and all that. The maturity and I suppose the elegance and refinement that Italians have is so refreshing even if it makes you feel a bit inadequate at times! They appear, and perhaps again because it was summer and many were on holidays, to not give much of a shit.

I took HEAPS of photos of just the grounds today, so here are a few. Mum I don’t think a photobook is do-able for this trip, it’ll be huge!

“I’m relaxing!”

We attempted to use the bikes and while Hardy could still pedal without training wheels, the uneven ground (the grass isn’t flat and the gravel is obviously slippery), he found it hard to keep going. He did the grump thing where he collapsed in a heap, arms folded with a cross look on his face. Hard not to laugh to be honest, but we took the bikes back and had our second swim of the day. We got a ball from reception and I’m very happy to say his catching and throwing skills have come along so well! He’s got quite an arm behind him.

Tonight there was a special truffle menu for dinner. I tried the taglierini with shaved truffle. Oh god. To die for. I then followed that with another pasta dish because #WhenInRome right? The second dish was spinach ravioli with ricotta stuffing. It was amazing, especially when paired with a light and local red. I am so full I feel like I might vomit. I think I’ll sleep verrrrry soundly tonight. It’s so nice to feel like we are sampling Italy proper now in terms of cuisine (although Hardy opted for the hamburger which he smothered with mayonnaise). Gag. On the boat he tried to eat the tiny packets of butter, but now it’s mayo on its own. So gross. I wanted to tell him about cholesterol but it would most definitely fall on deaf ears! On the upside he ate heaps of fresh fruit for breakfast and our risk of scurvy is diminishing by the hour.

The weather has been funny, like it wants to storm and rain really badly but can’t quite bring itself to do it. Like when you want to text someone but you don’t. We’ve heard thunder all day long but that’s about it.

My favourite time of day has become bed time. Not because I get alone time which of course is nice, but getting to watch him fall asleep as we share the same bed. It happens so fast, the lucky thing haha. He holds my hand, has those random movements, his mouth hangs open. I’ve taken soooo many photos of him like this. The innocence of kids!

Insists on sleeping shirtless now because his dad does

ciao xx

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  1. Bliss – utter bliss!! What a fabulous place, amazing food, peaceful surroundings, and sleeping with a shirtless man. What else could a girl ask for!! Enjoy!

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