And exhale

We lost most of today at the airport because we arrived very early after receiving not one but two reminders from Vueling that airport security staff at Barcelona Airport were striking. Barcelona is a massive and very busy airport, probably one of the busiest I’ve seen so far to be honest, but the lines moved really fast. So, we only had 4 hours to kill!

Incredibly we managed to do it – looking around (with the pram which I am not ever putting in the hold again!), eating, snap, Spidey vs Hulk etc. Vueling weren’t even terrible this time. We got all our bags at the other end! I was very worried about which one might get lost – one had my clothes and our presents, the other had Hardy’s clothes and our toiletries. Our driver met us at the arrivals door and I had that smug moment of seeing a sign with my name on it! He also drove a wickedly cool Mercedes so thanks Chris and Sam for booking it! Got to live it up a bit which was cool.

The delightful Sara met us outside the B&B Portorosso in Monopoli, which is on the east coast of Italy, towards the south (we flew into Bari which is about 45 minutes north of here). It’s a funny old place, potentially a large family home back in the day as it doesn’t have the normal hotel layout by any means. There’s a gate, a main door with a key, two flights of stairs (no elevator, bless Sara who magically brought up my suitcase without me knowing!), then another random door which opens onto other doors, one of which is the door to our room! Very Alice in Wonderland. Which is apt really, when we look out from our balcony. A little alcove with waves pounding the surrounding rocks, a view of the old town, and the twinkling lights of seaside restaurants (come nightfall).

I was starving having only eaten Burger King at lunch (because it’s an airport necessity!) so after a quick swim (well, the waves were kind of big so Hardy really only splashed and squealed with delight, running from the waves), we headed to a nearby ristorante for a bite. I really craved pizza and didn’t realise the restaurant side didn’t serve it – only the other part did. Hardy wanted fish which has become a bit of a point of contention between us. Everytime he wants seafood, I order it and he doesn’t like it. Wouldn’t even eat the scampi meat from the paella we had last night – instead just played with its claws..

So I ordered salmon with croutons which turned out to be smoked salmon. He at least tried it before spitting it out. Sigh. Then out came my meal – squid ink ravioli (it was black!) with scampi filling and lemon butter sauce. Yes you are correct – FUCKING DELICIOUS. Delisiozo in Italian. Again Hardy tried it (which I have to admire because getting them to try it is half the battle), but he didn’t like it. I cut open the scampi that was on top, and he chewed it and gave a thumbs up. I narrowed my eyes. He kept chewing. Kept chewing. He doesn’t like it I thought. He spat it out hahaha. NO MORE SEAFOOD FOR YOU. I said, “it’s ok to not like seafood, lots of weird people don’t.” “I DO LIKE IT.” No mate, you like looking at it, not the taste! Or at least, only when it’s fried!

The waiters were delightful and I don’t know whether they didn’t speak any English or just refused to, but we managed to get by. I was stoked that with that view, and the style of food on offer, plus Tiramisu and a glass of wine, was only 43 Euro. Pretty good I reckon. But I think we’ll hang on the pizzeria side next time!

After a car cirus show delivered by Hardy featuring ghosts, vampires, zombies and witches (omg I thought he kept saying ‘risk’ and I’m like what do you mean it’s a risk? And he tried to use his fingers to show a witch on a broomstick and I couldn’t help myself but laugh when I realised he was saying witch! Bless his little lisp!!), we headed back to our room to head to bed.

I’m delighted that Shannyn and Ben and Mr T are so close to us in Polignano a Mare so hopefully we see them very soon. I’ve been trying to shrug off the adult loneliness and the disconnect from home so it will be super nice to hug someone I know!

Ciao xx

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  1. So glad you’re back in beloved Italy again. Your accom sounds homely and lovely, and with a view!! You’ll be speaking Italian by the time you leave Italy.
    Twill be good to see Shannon et al.

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