Our last day of sailing was quite nice – Hardy’s face again painted as a Liger (lion/tiger for those not in the know), and in the afternoon an impromptu dancefloor was created by a group of Spanish teens. So sweet, can you imagine going on this kind of holiday as a teenager? There were so many of them around I’m sure there were a few summer romances. So the DJ came out and played some great tunes and the number of people dancing increased, including a seriously old dude. I reckon nearly 80, no shirt on, his pants held up very high with a belt. The DJ would say “yesss Papi, get it Papi” and the crowd would go wild. And he was loving it. It was great. I loved watching how music transcended age, ethnicity, everything. The Beatles, Guns n Roses, and a whole host of Spanish artists I’d never heard before. A conga line snaked around the pool and of course – the YMCA. It sent the crowd wild haha and the DJ says “ah yes, everybody’s favourite.’ Corny as it is, when it does come on, do your best not to tap your foot and get the hand movements going!

I went upstairs to get Hardy, knowing how much he loves dancing but he found the music a bit too loud. We had a bit of a boogie to Sweet Child of Mine (appropriate) before heading downstairs for dinner. We bid farewell to our lovely dinner friends and I thought I’d finally check out a show in the theatre. It was packed, but I managed to find a seat. I put my glass in the holder but as I went to get my phone out to put it on silent (because of course someone is going to call me because I get sooo many calls), I knocked it over and it smashed. While it wasn’t noisy and the room was dark, I was mortified. I quickly picked up the pieces and held them awkwardly in my hand. I thought, this is what you get for trying to get amongst it!

An elderly lady came in and sat on the stairs, so seeing my chance to be both chivalrous and to bail, I got up and offered her my seat and made my hasty retreat, casually sliding the glass remnants into a nearby bin. Nothing to see here! Back to the security of my room and a book. Finished another one, so I swiped another from the library before we left.

We paid a bit extra to stay longer on the ship so there wasn’t as much time to fill between getting off and checking into our hotel. It’s another beautiful sunny day – we’ve been so lucky with the weather. But the pool is closed so there isn’t actually anything to do. Had a few rounds of snap and had my butt whooped. More and more people were boarding for the next cruise, so it was actually getting a bit awkward – I felt like an imposter! Plus Hardy was getting bored so we left.

Luckily our room was ready when we got here. It’s so nice to have so much space! And there is a free self-service laundry (you know I just spent $50 asking the boat to do it for me?) and a kid’s play room.

I asked where we could find some lunch. She said there was a restaurant around the corner. It seems we’re in a suburban/normal neighbourhood with lots of businesses and residential buildings, so there isn’t much around in the way of food. We sat down and nothing happened, no one said anything. I couldn’t even find a menu. So I asked the guy about lunch and he said “1 pm”. Ok, ten minutes to wait. Then 1 pm came, and EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE ENTIRE JOINT was given a menu, except us. So in a bit of a huff I went up and grabbed one for myself. But it seemed to be a three-course meal type of situation, so we threw in the towel and left. We have a small kitchenette so we set off to a local supermarket to find some supplies. After having spent so much money on the dumb boat, being thrifty sounded like a good idea. Pringles, bananas, apples, grapes, guacamole, canned soup. I heated up the soup in the microwave for dinner and surprise surprise it was awful.

I managed to navigate Dominos’ Spanish website to order us a pizza, which didn’t come with the additional toppings I’d added so I mustn’t have navigated it that well. But it arrived! And there is leftovers, so guess what is for dinner tonight!

There are some baby stores not far from the hotel so hopefully we can find another pram today. I’ll have to use my back up card though because guess what – fraudulent transactions were found by ING on my main card, so they’ve cancelled it. Great. Just fucking great. Lucky I bought a spare hey.

We have a “family-friendly” guided tour tomorrow so I’m sure that will be lovely, and will also probably do another sightseeing bus as they’re so handy and Hardy loves them. Beep beep!


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