The twentieth (I don’t know what day it is)

The day passed uneventfully – again swimming, playing, eating, and soft serve ice cream made an appearance. I’ve smashed so many books whilst Hardy has dabbled in kids club which has been nice. I think I’m on my fourth. I found two more in the library today which weren’t owned by the ship so I swiped them both to keep me going for a while. I’ve donated one back (thanks dad) so I’m almost even!

When it came to dinner, I again failed to realise it was formal night and people really go all out for the occasion. One family had obviously agreed that sequins were the go so when together they were a real site. It blows my mind to think people pack especially for this. I mean the weight of a gown or suit in a suitcase, plus heels and bags etc. I got to the dining room and said to our waiter ‘why is everyone so dressed up?’ ‘It’s formal night.’ ‘Oh no,’ I said, looking down at my black dress and patterned cape, my hair still wet from the pool. ‘It’s ok, you look ok Kat-trin.’ Great, I look “ok”. Hardy on the other hand, was in his Hulk costume, which is a suit of sorts right? I am such a nightmare haha. I was worried our friends at our table wouldn’t show because it was formal night, but they came in their splendid evening wear putting us to shame even more!

I was thrilled to read in the ship’s daily newsletter (yes, they have one) that tonight is 70s music night! My favourite genre. But the party didn’t start until 10.15 pm. Less cool, but the DJ would start some music at 9.15 pm. Potentially do-able. Hardy again wanted to go to kids club so I had some time to myself after dinner. At first I went back to my room, hugging my two new books and saying ‘nope, I won’t go, I’ll just stay here and read.’ I dragged my sorry ass up and got into my best outfit (yellow Sheike jumpsuit, hello), and had a margarita while I waited until 9.15 for some 70s tunes (Amie theirs suck compared to yours lemme just say). I read while I waited. And read, and waited. Had the ‘is anyone using this chair?’ question. ‘No, no one is using it THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME I’M SITTING HERE ALONE.’ I threw in the towel when the lights were turned down to set the mood, but it was so dark I couldn’t read anymore so the game was up. I don’t know what I thought would happen, that the music would come on and I’d just magically generate the right amount of confidence to just get up there by myself!? I can’t afford to get the required amount of drunk. Where would I even put my book. I knew my dinner friends would be there but not until later, which is really just too late for us, even if Hardy would undoubtedly carve up the dance floor. I’ve noticed that about cruise activities, they all start so late but then commence again really early. What do they want from us!? I guess catering to all markets.

I did enjoy watching the older couples having a boogie in all their finery. I now have the complete picture of my folks on all their cruises – no wonder you have so much fun, it’s right up your alley.

I retrieved my beloved Hardy who, still in his Hulk costume, was wearing a lovely chef’s hat he had adorned and he showed me the pretend food he had made with clay. At least someone had had fun. If our suitcase is overweight again it will be because of his artwork and creations!

I said to him that tomorrow was our last full day on the ship, so we should do whatever we like doing best! ‘KIDS CLUB!’ Urgh. Least I have my books I guess.

Hardy was just off to sleep when he sat bolt upright and said ‘Mum, I need to poo!’ With the change in routine and diet I had been monitoring the poops to avoid him getting constipated again.

So there you have it. THE LIFE.

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  1. Ah yes, life on a cruise ship. And here we all were, concerned that Hardy would be bored, wouldn’t want you to leave him in the kids club ….. wow, were we wrong!
    At least you’re getting some reading done, but maybe you could do it in one of the lounges – at least you’re out there!! Next stop Barcelona.

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