Fairytale Kotor

Today was like a dream. I woke up to find us sailing ever so gently up a wide, green-hued channel with huge mountains either side and gorgeous white buildings with terracotta rooves dotted amongst the forest. We had arrived in Kotor, Montenegro. Which by the way mum I believe is pronounced ‘Kotter’ like Otter with a K.

After a leisurely morning, we headed into town. I didn’t realise everything was so close to the port, so we had time to wander through Old Town which was like something out of a fairytale. A quick bite of lunch and we walked back towards the port to find the boat company that would take us on a cruise around Kotor and surrounding bays.

Kotor Old Town

We were fortunate to be joined by a lovely Canadian family and our driver Ivan set off at breakneck speed. Naturally as I always do on smaller boats I was white knuckling it, compared to Hardy who sat front and centre (life vest on) yahooing almost the entire time. His entire face lit up and he was cackling away, so he’s living up to his namesake for sure. My nerves were put at ease when I realised how masterful Ivan was, carefully avoiding swell and the wake from other boats to give us as smooth a ride as possible. But in saying that the bay itself was very calm and flat.

Our first stop was Our Lady of the Rocks which is like a tribute to the seafarers of the area, particularly Perast. The man-made island was built by sailors over time after two of them claimed to see Jesus’ face in a stone.

After cruising for about 30 minutes we noticed these weird tunnels carved into the mountains. Turns out they were old submarine hiding places from WWII, where they could glide in without being seen and be restocked and refuelled. Really, really cool and an ingenius idea.

Our next stop was the incredible blue cave. Considering I didn’t get to see the Capri version of the blue grotto, I was very happy to see that not only did we not have to queue up and wait to go in, but we motored right in and could jump off and have a swim, so we did! Hardy stayed on board, content to just push us all off. I took a video but it won’t upload.

We ventured further along and came across another beautiful swimming spot with caves you could swim into. I ventured to the outer edge though. I hope I never forget laying on my back staring up at the huge cliff before me, soaking it all in. Hardy only ventured part-way down the ladder which was to do a pee. Too bad Mackenzie, the teenage Canadian, didn’t realise what was happening until possibly too late.

We then headed back in the direction we had come to stop at a very exclusive beach, only accessible by boat. It’s like Peel Island mixed with Capri if you can imagine. It had amazing sun loungers and umbrellas scattered about with a fancy bar as well. Two guys looked as if they’d been sitting at that bar for some time, so hopefully they weren’t in control of one of the boats! We got to spend an hour here just relaxing and swimming. It was much colder than our previous dips and very rocky, but a lovely way to pass some time nonetheless.

We made it back in time to catch one of the last tenders back to the ship, which had been a concern but Ivan knew we had a boat to catch, pardon the pun. A quick shower and we dined again in the awesome dining room. Hardy this time chose chicken noodle soup as his entree, pizza for his main, and chocolate biscuits for dessert. I opted for tomato soup, gnocchi, and molten chocolate cake.

Overall, a bloody terrific day. Plus, I write this while looking at this:

After such a wonderful day I realised how much I had been taking for granted in terms of what we’re doing and seeing. Worrying instead about things and people at home or looking at what’s next (sooo typical of me). In addition to exercising more and not eating carbs at every meal (I can hear you laughing mum) I will also endeavour to keep my eyes and heart open to remember how lucky we are. No, I’m not drunk.

We have the next two days sailing back to Barcelona so I may not write again unless something cool happens or I get bored. Until then amigos..


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