Positano and a charter boat

As you can imagine I’m very happy to be back on the Amalfi Coast, with our ship docking in Salerno. When I signed up for a private boat tour to Positano I must admit I imagined a lovely timber boat, complete with lounges and little flags and an older man, maybe going by the name of Luigi, wearing a little sailor’s hat and not speaking much English. Alas it was more ferry than powerboat but that was just fine with me.

Our ferry cruised the coastline, first stopping in Amalfi for another tour group to get off. At first the sky was cloudy and it even rained a little bit and the swell was big enough to notice, but we were also going against the tide. But then the clouds cleared and it was another spectacular day. Our guide handed out little ear pieces so we could listen to him talk, but it was boring so we took them out and just enjoyed the ride. The overall trip took about an hour and voila – Positano.

Once again I hadn’t done my homework so once we got off I didn’t really know where to go.. so we just walked! Up tiny narrow paths, this way and that, just looking. The stuff for sale wasn’t really my type (sorry mum) but Hardy got a dapper pair of linen shorts. He then pulled the ‘I have to pee’ card, and suggested that we just go to the beach and then he can pee in the ocean? Sure ok buddy. So we go to the hideously expensive beach and pay 23 euros for the pleasure of a chair, a swim, and use of a COLD SHOWER at the end. Yes you have to pay for the pleasure of washing your feet. Christ almighty. I had to pay cash as the golden moment had arrived – the bank card was declined! It’s ok I have another one, I just wasn’t using my main account for security reasons. Either way I just hope that pee felt really good! We stayed for about 45 minutes because unfortunately we only had about 1.5 hours to explore, which was nowhere near enough.

We did our best to look around and get to the top, where I was dying to have a nice cocktail with a view. But it was too early and everything was shut! Double bummer.

So by the time we got up and poked around, it was time to get back down. As we started to leave though there was this enormous bang and I absolutely shat myself and grabbed Hardy. My first thought was someone was attacking the port, but more like a naval attack than terrorism and I was like SURELY NOT. But then there were more pop pop pops. And do you know what it was? Fucking daytime fireworks. Little puffs of coloured smoke. Seriously what the hell. Some of the near death cruisers probably died today from shock. RIP. At least they got to see Positano though.

Prior to pants shitting
Happy fucking birthday or whatever you crazy people!

Back onto the ferry and we headed back from whence we came. One little boat cut across us and the captain sounded his horn, which was received with a lazy wave from the other boat’s driver. BUT THEN.. if you can recall that RACQ ad with the guy and his tinnie, and he ran into a charter boat, and his wife puts the sheet on her head and says ‘charter boat, what charter boat!?’ WELL that exact thing happened! But with a jet ski. I could see him coming and I thought, what is he doing? And he no joke isn’t even watching what he’s doing, he was looking down at something. So then the captain blared his horn and the guy looked up and absolutely shat himself in his very own ‘charter boat’ moment, gunned it and ‘did a wheelie’ as Hardy said, and took off. The deckhand ran out gesticulating with his hands, god knows what he said to him. Seriously that guy was so close to death!

So we have a leisurely time now as we’ve got the afternoon off and we cruise all day tonight and tomorrow as we head for Venice. Hardy immediately wanted to be in the kids room (he is there now). I am very happy for him but now I’m lonelier than ever! I sat in the spa yesterday watching a kids movie. Then I ordered pizza via room service. Seriously pathetic! Ahh well, I’m getting a lot done I suppose like chasing the lost pram and figuring out other tours etc.

Ciao xx


  1. It seems alien to pay for a deckchair on the beach – especially as much as 23 euros, but I guess it is somebody’s business. He’s sure making a motza. We usually just take our own here.
    Nice photos Kate – Positano is something special, not for the beach, but for the lovely houses built on the hill – and the shops. That fish-shaped beach-scene plate in your bathroom is from there.
    So you haven’t made any buddies on the ship yet? Just bury your head in a good book, and you never know what might come about.
    Cuddles to you both.

  2. So glad to see Hardy really getting into everything. Of course there will be more fans to add to his club!
    Miss you guys & hope all future travels are fabulous 😘

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