Piece-a Pisa

First of all I’m feeling better today – we got to take our time this morning as our tour didn’t leave until 1.30 pm. The pool re-opened (I think it closes daily for “maintenance”) so we hung up there for a while. They are very strict about kids in the pool so Hardy has to wear a life vest but he doesn’t seem to mind. He discovered chicken noodle soup at the buffet (which by the way he is absolutely loving sick), and he downed two bowls.

Our tour bus took us from the ugly-ass port through the Natural Park Migliarino San Rossore (the local national park) where we saw loads of wild deer and where a lot of equestrian training and events take place. Apparently one of the Queens of Italy who lived in Turin loved to spend her summers here. Hardy had initially fallen asleep and I thought ‘oh no he’s missed his beloved deer!’ But then when we got off the bus to take our little boat up the Arno River, there were more. He simply said ‘mum, if you be quiet they won’t run away.’ Ok, thanks deer hunter!

The cruise up the river was lovely and Hardy seem to hit it off with an initially sweet Chinese boy. They played with the Hulk and talked about the Avengers and ‘Fanos’ (how Hardy pronounces Thanos) and were shouted to a cup of Fanta because we’re back in Italy now so everything swings into his favour! I have to add too, that after hanging with kids from the US and UK, Hardy is now pronouncing it ‘Farn-ta’ as opposed to ‘Fan-taa’. Hilarious.

A traditional fishing house on the river. They lower the nets at night time as the river is tidal, then lift them up in the morning with their catch

What I didn’t know about this area is the Queensland vs New South Wales type drama between Pisa and Florence. They were at war for many many years, with Florence eventually winning and obliterating Pisa’s port as some sort of punishment, hence the town Livorno was born. Florentines changed the mouth of the river and the shape of another river to do it. The guide said hating each other is now just part of the culture. Awks. But if Pisa is this pretty then I can’t wait to see Florence (just adding fuel to that dual there).

Isn’t love disgusting yet beautiful?

After the boat we went up a slight incline to meet a funny train-come-tram-come-car which drove us through Pisa to the Field of Miracles. Tell you what, there is a lady on this cruise who looks like she’s already dead. I’m all for living out your bucket list but also part of me is like WHAT and WHY and HOW IS THIS ALLOWED. When I saw her trundling back to the group at the end of our ‘free time’ in Pisa, I legitimately thought ‘oh look at that she’s still alive, good for you.’

So the Field of Miracles where the tower is found also features a church and basilica which I didn’t know, and they are all on a lean! As are some other buildings in Pisa because of the soft earth. Recent efforts to restore the tower improved its lean by about 2 per cent. The tower itself has 7 bells at the top, one for each musical note, but to avoid damaging the tower they no longer ring. It started construction in the 1100s and started leaning almost straight away. Construction was abandoned for 90 years before someone finished it, and then another 90 years later the bells were added. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the tower!

Aye here she is! The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Although really touristy as you can see it was actually incredible to see it for real. I actually said “wow it really is on a lean” by which I meant it’s leaning quite a bit, not that I didn’t believe it was leaning. We even bought our first souvenirs were liked it so much.

Now I’m aware these touristy photos are NAFF or so I’m told but COME ON this is amazing and I admire myself very much for it. This happened because Hardy initially refused after learning he couldn’t actually try and push up the tower by touching it, so Hulk graciously stepped in. Every time I see it I laugh.

Hulk couldn’t do it alone of course. I love how quickly Hardy recovers from what I’m now calling his midday moods! He needs daytime naps again!

Back on the tram/train/car we were taken back to our tour bus and safely back to the ship. I think because it wasn’t as hot today and there weren’t as many people (and NO ONE took photos through the window because they are SMART) made it easier to enjoy. Apart from when the previously sweet Chinese boy talked about how much he hates Japan and wants to sail over and kill all the Japanese people, that got a bit weird.

Hardy actually asked to go to the kids club tonight and he legitimately ran off without even saying goodbye. I must smell or something. He must be desperate for normal kid interaction that involves someone doing the right kind of Avengers moves and following the storyline. So I’m in my room, just chilling. EXCUSE ME I did actually check out two bars but I didn’t stay. I like that the sun sets late and I can watch the waves from my window. I’m also quite into a Spanish TV show which has terrible American dubbing on Netflix (it’s called Money Heist) – Mattia recommended it and it’s SAH GOOD.

Goodnight loves x


  1. Whoops – didn’t mean to send that “Hi darls” by itself. I was about to say that Hulk and the Leaning Tower must be a highlight photo.
    I didn’t know about the animosity between Florence and Pisa – surprising.
    Glad you’re feeling chirpier.

  2. The hulk pic is by far one of the funniest pics I’ve seen! I loved Pisa too by Florence is just spectacular! Glad your day was better. X

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