Pass my visor and bumbag

I’m not 100% sure but I think Air Vueling is a budget European line, well at least it acts like one. They asked us all to check in for boarding when the plane wasn’t even there yet, so there we all were just standing around waiting. The ground crew moved so slowly too once it did arrive, slowly bringing over the steps and slowly unpacking the bags. So painful to watch! We ended up leaving about an hour behind schedule, so I started stressing about making the boat at the other end. Unfortunately (more so for the parents) a little girl virtually screamed the entire flight. And I mean scream. Her throat must have hurt by the end. She only stopped to take a breath to keep screaming. And do you know when she crashed out? When we landed! I felt so bad for the mum. And once again it was deafeningly loud with Italians and Spaniards talking the entire flight, and many got up and lingered in the aisles like they were stretching their legs?! Mate, it’s a two hour flight, sit the fuck down. And you know what else happened? They clapped when the plane landed. It wasn’t even a complicated landing. It hit the tarmac and.. applause! I’ve heard of such things but this was my first actual applauded landing.

The airport also got us to land miles away from the terminal so we had to get a bus. Cue more stressing. Then it takes ages for the bags to appear. More stressing. AND you know what else “they” did? Chased their luggage around the baggage wheel thing. I mean fucking hell it’s going in a circle, it’s going to come around, you don’t need to move. My god.

Ok so I got the big suitcase, which is much lighter now too – great. Ok pram, where are you? Waiting waiting waiting, stressing stressing stressing. “Sorry Hardy we can’t wait for it, we’ve got to go.” RIP pram, you have carved up a lot of footpath, in three countries to be precise. I might be able to find it somehow or get it back, but the queue for baggage enquiries was too long so I bailed on it. I could not comprehend how somehow like one bag entered the conveyor belt every 10 minutes. Who is down there? What are they doing? Why can they only manage one bag?

BTW we made the ship with 30 minutes to spare. I need a drink. (Update: I’ve had a drink it’s ok). The cruise ship is..interesting. The fire/evacuation drill was torturous. Hardy fell asleep in my arms it took so long (it’s been like..3 years since that’s happened!?). And a simply WONDERFUL American woman man-handled me to make sure I was standing correctly in line as part of the drill. Note – she was NOT the fire marshall. I wanted to kill her but my arms were full. I also saw a lovely individual with a t-shirt that said ‘WARNING I PURCHASED THE DRINKS PACKAGE’. God help us. Perhaps I should have as well. It’s like $14 USD for a glass of white wine. Should I set up a go fund me page?

AMIE you will be pumped to know the bumbag – I mean BELT BAG – is a perfect option for the boat because we have to carry our “sail pass” at all times. So I can do that, hands free 🙂

Pa you will be happy to know Hardy remembered he has to stay away from the edge. Including this glass wall here in the dining room!
Sunset from the pool deck

The loneliness has set in a little bit being on such a big boat with no one else, compared to our small tight-knit tour group. I’m not sure how I will actually meet anyone considering I hate people and can be super awkward, but hey, it’s only day one and I was pessimistic about the Intrepid tour and that turned out great, so here’s to being proven wrong!


  1. Ah, travel can be a challenge (says she, laughing to the point of tears). I hope the cruise improves. After all, day one is just settling in.

  2. How long is the cruise for Katie? Look out for other parents with kids and hopefully you’ll find someone nice to hang with. xx

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