Mamma Mia!

Our final day of the Intrepid tour was very easy. It was a free day so a few of us did a quick trip into Sorrento (mostly for me to post home excess baggage because I’m a terrible packer), and indulge in another limoncello spritz as we people watched. We saw out the afternoon at the beach again. One thing I still find incredulous is how you have to pay for everything at the beach, unlike at home where the beach belongs to everyone. You even need to pay for a shower!

I’m sad to say I didn’t make it to Ravello in the end, so I’ll just have to come back again darn it! I’m thinking for my 40th? Who’s in? Although prior to then would be better!! Who said I’m patient?

Our final night together was a super fun pizza making class with Marco and Luigi! The setting was just beautiful, overlooking the bay with Mount Vesuvius in the background. And there were dozens of wild rabbits which the kids loved chasing around. It had a real “wedding venue” feel about it and you can also stay in any of the 30 rooms on offer.

Hardy steals the show. He was so “enthusiastic” with his dough making the chef Marco kept saying mamma Mia!

Marco told us the very basic ingredients for the base and we got to work, kneading it into a ball. But the trick is to actually let the dough sit in the fridge for 24 hours, so we made our pizzas with dough that was prepared the day before (and much better looking than ours!) Their wood fired pizza oven is lit the day before and is about 800 degrees. They also use the leaves from lemon, orange or olive trees for extra flavour. We could then choose our own toppings and help pop it in the oven. There was so much pizza though we were absolutely stuffed!! I think Mattia said he had 13 slices. But the base is so thin and the toppings so simple that it’s not as bad as it sounds!

Serious business!

While we were all tired and very full, we took the remains of our bottles of wine (and one sourced on the ride home) and sat downstairs to have final farewell drinks. It was interesting to learn how we all had felt trepidation at the thought of joining a tour with other “families” or being the only single parent. What luck we had to be part of the group in the end. All single mums, inspirational and different in their own ways, all fighting different demons or wars or a good fight of some sort, and all doing their absolute best for their kids.

The children were beautiful and kind and good natured, their mums were warm and funny and very supportive. I’ll never forget them and the role they’ve played in this epic journey for me and for Hardy – I almost cried hugging them goodbye. Even Mattia who was an amazing guide considering he hadn’t ever done a family tour before. A genuine fellow (and yes he reminded me a lot of Mitch with his looks and even some of his mannerisms), so we all tipped him in the end. Hardy also handed out koalas and kangaroos to everyone as a thank you gift (thank you Cairns airpot haha).

Intrepid Italy 2019!


  1. Aww, saying goodbye to the mums 😦 I’ve been on tours too and it’s amazing how quickly you can become close to people. I’m still in contact with most of the people from my European Contiki tour over 20 years ago!!

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