Caps off to Capri

This tour just keeps getting better. Every day I say to Hardy “did we just have the best day ever?!” But as avid boaties, today has definitely taken the cake.

We all pitched in to hire a private boat to take us around Capri (pronounced Cap-ree, not Ka-pree for all ye uninformed persons), which included a visit ashore, lunch, and time to explore Ana-Capri which is basically the top of this incredibly moutainous island. Apparently milions of years ago much of the island was under water which is why it has so many caves/grottos, various cliffs and arches, including this love heart one!

Initially most of us opted to sit on the.. bow? (I call myself a boatie!) which was really fun as we went over the waves – absolute howls of laughter all around. But in some instances it got a little big and we were lifted off our seats. The captain slowed down so Hardy and I could move to the back, and actually continued to drive slowly for the rest of the trip!

Capri is incredible, I can see why so many celebs like it. While I didn’t think much of Anacapri (sure, the shop-lined streets are pretty cute and the garden at the top is amazing), it was crowded and had a real fake air about it. But the landscapes are incredible.

This is nicknamed elephant arch because if you look closely at the top half it resembles the side of an elephant – it’s ear and trunk
The inside of what I think is called the White Cave but its roof is actually blue as it reflects the colour of the water. What’s more remarkable is how the captain could manouvere the boat so delicately inside these caves, both bow and stern so we could all see. Amazing feat!
Where we came ashore and quickly dined for lunch. Caprese is a person from Capri, and also the name of the salad right? Ci! Caprese salad is from Capri so we ate caprese paninis.
View from the (almost) very top
Another hot and bothered Hardy!
Considerably perkier now!

Kudos to Hardy who, wearing his life vest of course, jumped right into the ocean off the boat even though it was a bit scary and deep. Coming from Queensland it’s hard to fathom that you can do that without fear of sharks or jellyfish or something that wants to kill you. He didn’t stay long in the water so he then took to “pushing” everyone else off the duckboard as we all ventured to higher parts of the boat to jump higher (yes I jumped!)

The crew on board, Lorenzo and the captain whose name escapes me were of course terrific. I cannot believe how much they love children here! Here’s Hardy playing with the boat’s hose with Lorenzo. You’re welcome. (oof)

Hardy’s face!

On the way back the wine purchased at the farm was opened and all the ladies just relaxed in the sunshine as we motored back to Sorrento. It was honestly pure bliss. Lorenzo popped open some homemade Limoncello which was really delicious, and they showed us a secret waterfall near Sorrento which was tiny but fun to dunk yourself under. The video is on my Instagram.

Pig in shit. I wished in this moment I could live here forever! Plus or minus a few people of course 🙂

When we arrived in Sorrento we had time to kill before heading to our gelato making demonstration. Sorrento is actually really pretty, I wish I had more time here to explore it properly.

Hardy helping with the gelato demonstration, which as I’ve come to learn like most great things from Italy, is really basic – water, sugar, golden syrup and your flavourings. I have a recipe card with a ‘certificate of completion’!

Scooping it out of the machine. Which I was kind of disappointed to see as I was expecting something a little bit more authentic/traditional but at least we could eat it straight away!