I cannot get Tina Arena out of my head

Sorry I have to share the pain..

It was ohhh so tender, and I was lost with you, by the sweet Sorrento moon… (la luna de sorrento).. I remember… Sorrentoo Moonnnn..

So I’ve had that song in my head since arriving in sweet, sweet Sorrento following a delightful visit to a local arigturismo. It was sad to leave Minori, particularly the lovely hosts of the hotel (Hotel Caporal) who were terrific with the kids, lots of big hugs and high fives and jokes etc. They fell about the place when Hardy came down this morning in his actual Hulk costume (yes he packed it – it’s a wardrobe essential!)

So again we wound up the mountainside in what has to be one of the most incredible engineering feats, how they have built roads into the mountain, including tunnels, as well as houses all over it. I have no idea how. I also have no idea how each of the ‘ristorantes’ make enough money when there is one every 50 metres!

Had my first glimpse of Positano on the drive (which had more super yachts moored off shore). I get to visit it more on a day trip with another tour company in a couple of days, and also return for a day with the cruise which will be great.

The bus ride was hilarious – Hardy and Mila had their first fight. I think it had something to do with the curtain on the window. Apply an American accent below (she’s from Portland, Oregan):

Mila: Do you know why I came on this trip? To find friends. And I look up to you. If you’re not my friend anymore, you won’t have anyone to play with, no one will come to your room to play with you, no one will help you. You will have no one.

Hardy: Yeah well, I don’t care.

Mila (to me): Can you do something about his attitude? I know he’s not like this – he’s sweet and kind and awesome. But we can’t go on like this..


Eventually we arrived at the arigturismo. The farmhouse dates back to the 1700s and while the “farm” itself was pretty lousy (a few cows in a small pen that seemed very hungry, some rabbits in suspiciously small cages like battery hens – assuming they were bred for food – and some chickens that also seemed really hungry). The kids got to feed them though which was cute.

They also had a few plants – tomatoes, “peppers”, zucchini, basil. The olive trees on the grounds were more than 100 years old and they also grew their own grapes to make their own red and white wine. From the front they also had amazing views over the bay. Mount Vesuvius looks menacing from here too.

After the short tour, we went inside the farmhouse/restaurant to sample some of their local produce. Which was AMAZING. Fresh mozarella, provolone, salami, prosciutto (I assume not all was homemade of course!), and fresh bread came out first. This was followed by grilled zucchini and the peppers, lightly oiled and dusted with herbs, and a lovely omlette. We also got to taste their wine and it was by far the best we’ve had so far on the trip. I actually haven’t been too fussed with the wine – if I can admit that – but I’ve only been drinking whites. The wine was so good we all bought a bottle! It’s a Falanghina blend I think. Mum I thought they said fiano at first and I got very excited!

The host then came out with these tiny chocolate cups filled with blue liquid which was apparently blueberry liquor but to me tasted like rocket fuel. But I drank it, to be polite of course.

While the farm wasn’t great, we can see why Intredid chose it. They try to go local and as close to the source of things as possible for more authentic experiences that support local families and economies. The family didn’t speak a word of English, Mattia translated everything. I asksed for the toilet and the Nonna just started gesticulating so I was like ahhh ok never mind!

A short drive later we arrived at our hotel – Hotel Crawford – in Sorrento. It’s a little bit out of the main part, but within walking distance to a small “beach” which you can reach via a tunnel or via an elevator! Not as pretty as Minori but the water was really freshing and it has little slides in the shallow and some rock pools that we could explore. As has become the norm for us, we spent a few hours there and a bottle of wine made an appearance.

The bigger kids have been so fantastic with Hardy and Mila. Always eager to show them things and inclue them. Very sweet. I’ve been really lucky to have such a great tour group. Mums unite!

Tonight we’re off to the Lemon Garden Restaurant where we’ll taste and see a Limoncello demonstration. Tomorow is the real jewel in the crown – a private boat tour around Capri which includes time onshore to shop. Well, to look – it’s too expensive to buy anything!

Ciao xx


  1. Loving your stories. Hope the young ones have sorted their tiff!😆 Love Isle of Capri. The funincula to Ana Capri is worth it. Been twice & have not visited Blue Grotto as queues are horrendous. Last time we sailed very close to it, so if you have private boat maybe they will do that. Have fun. 😍

    1. Yeah the queue was at least an hour long…pretty ridiculous! But we saw lots of other cool caves so all good. I’m glad you’re enjoying the reading 🤗

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