Sorry for the unimaginative title but I couldn’t think of anything else or at least anything good.

Today we took a ferry over to Amalfi for a bit of shopping and a look around. It’s small and sweet but due to my already incredibly heavy bag I was very good and only bought one dress and two ceramics. What??

We took a little elavator up to the town’s look out which did not disappoint. There are two huge super yachts in the bay and apparently one of them is for a movie being shot in the region starring Edward Norton and Denzel Washington’s son (whose name no one seems to know). They’ve been filming all around Europe for the past 3 months. What a life!

The guys tried everything to make him look up and smile. I said, ‘no it’s ok it captures the moment properly!’
Hardy took this. No joke.
Crazy fairy garden fountain. If you look closely, one of them is doing a poo!

We decided to head back to ‘our beach’ for swimming as the one in Amalfi is a bit smaller. Hardy’s Hulk swimming togs are getting a lot of attention. He’s loving the small waves and smashes them (“Hulk Smash!”). I also succumbed to the floatie rage and bought him a miniature inflatable surfboard type thing. We spent about 4 hours out there today. Needless to say he looks a little tired! Yes we re-applied sunscreen.

Minori beach from the ferry jetty

We’re spending the early evening just relaxing in our room and getting ready to depart tomorrow for Sorrento. Tonight we’re having pizza on the beach which will be fun and possibly a bit sandy! Will be sad to leave here as passing the days in the water has been a welcome relief from the first hectic few days. Although we can still swim in Sorrento and the tour guide Mattia has organised a private boat for our trip to Capri which will be great.

Ciao for now xx