Trastevere and a zoo

Today was another huge day for us – we left the room at 9 and didn’t get back until almost 6. I put this down in part to pseudo ephedrine (the legal kind) as I finally got some cold and flu tablets.

We started at Villa Borghese which at that time of morning was quiet and peaceful, just some locals jogging and walking their dogs. It’s a huge park and we even found a “zoo”. I use inverted commas because it surely isn’t rated very highly for the way it treats the animals. They all looked well enough, but some enclosures were quite small and the way some were behaving didn’t seem quite right..

We then I’m proud to say successfully navigated the Metro! Yes I bought three tickets in the end but hey we were on the right platform, got the right train, and ended up exactly where we needed to be – Circo Massimo where we were going to catch up with Gerry again for another tour. But alas, we got there two hours early. I am known for my punctuality, right? So Hardy got to live out his newly developed dream of riding on the double decker bus. Hulk and Spider-man deliberated and agreed. So we got a ticket to the big green one and got to sit and relax while we cruised around the city.

We timed the trip perfectly, almost bumping into Gerry when we got off. As I’ve come to realise is his style, we saw a lot again today. He’s so immensely proud of Rome he wants to make sure you see as much of it as possible. So today included Theatre of Marcellus:

And then popping over the bridge we’re in the beautiful place of Trastevere which means ‘in between’ in Italian. Aaron and Bron you were so right about this place, I really enjoyed it. (Didn’t get to try the biscuits as the place was closed – they were on holiday! It was also too darn hot for any kind of carbs but we did try your gelato place! Thanks again for your tips).

There were a lot people about drinking wine and cocktails (I spied many an aperol spirtz) and were circumstances different I would have definitely indulged myself! Apparently it really comes alive at night so that alone is worth coming back here for. The one thing I have noticed about Italians, or at least Romans, is how much they all talk to one another, even if they are strangers. At home the bus or train is deathly silent, but here everyone is talking. I love it. I feel we are so disconnected by comparison.

Anyway, getting off my high horse here are some other things we saw:

First glimpse of the Colosseum which we are going to see properly when we come back to Rome with the cruise. But wow it is spectacular even at a distance.

Another highlight for me was the Orange Garden which offers amazing views of Rome. People come here to chill out, read, make out (as I witnessed and desperately wanted to photograph but knew would be super creepy). With a light breeze flowing, it was just gorgeous.

Gerry kindly dropped us close to our hotel so I didn’t have far to walk back. Hardy had fallen asleep and slept all the way home despite all the bumps in the path. We had to rush to shower and meet our tour group so we looked quite dishevelled which is always a great first impression.

Interestingly the group is all mums with their kids – two from the US and two from the UK and us. Hardy has already bonded with a cute 6 year old (Mila) and they got really wild at the restaurant, much to my dismay but he was clearly overtired. The bar staff were hilarious, sitting them up at the bar and giving them juice in a tiny wine glass and a bowl of chips to share. They even shared their meals and played Lion King. When he woke up this morning the first thing he asked is ‘Where’s Mila’? So the tour I think is going to be great!!

Off to catch the fast train to Naples, then a local train to Pompeii.


PS Yes Hardy’s love affair with fountains is continuing..


  1. Bella Roma – mucho bueno. (That’s my attempt at Italian). So happy you’re having a good time, and now that Hardy has Mila, there will be more good times to come. If you decide to babysit for Mila’s mum so she can go out at night, and vice versa, don’t go out by yourself. This is your mother talking!!

  2. Haha Linda! Katie, I am so thrilled at how happy you look in the photos! I’m so excited you are doing this – how WONDERFUL that the tours is mums and kids!! Someone should start a business specifically for that! I hope the mums are nice and you can have a few vinos with them!

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