When regret sets in

Sooo the flight from Cairns to Hong Kong was possibly the worst of my life. Wasn’t even the longest but it felt like forever.

We were conveniently seated near another young boy who was with his nanny (his parents were in business, naturally). So they played happily and I figured hey she’s getting paid for it 🤷🏻‍♀️

The food was probably the best aeroplane food I’ve ever had. I had fish because like Austin Powers I like to live dangerously. The aircraft was a bit dated and things were broken or difficult to use but we managed.

Then came the typhoon of some description!

Our landing was delayed and it felt like the descent took an hour. And it was bumpy and loud and I could hear the rain pelting down. It was pitch black so I had no concept of where the ground was or when we would hit it. I was actually trembling in my chair trying desperately to muffle any crying so Hardy wouldn’t wake up (bless him he slept through the whole thing). At one point I thought ‘there is no way I’m fucking dying in HONG KONG.’ I don’t know why I thought that like there are plenty of worse places to die right?? I figured my brain actually meant ‘die like this / right now.’

We FINALLY landed, very smoothly and safely, so kudos to the pilot. But the damage to my innards was done. I was a wreck.

Proceeded to get off the plane after convincing Hardy to wake up. Like zombies, we wandered around and when I found a toilet I pounced. Poor kid, I’ll never forget the worry on his face as he covered his ears as I vomited. 😫 [Side note I refuse to accept the fish was a bad choice]


We proceed through security. No problems here folks!!!!


‘Do you need to wee?’


This time he sat near the basin which made me panic more whilst inside the cubicle. DON’T YOU MOVE FOR ANYBODY.

I wanted desperately to just go home and scrap the whole thing, but that would require getting back on the plane for the same route in reverse. Cue several ‘this trip was a terrible idea” mutterings to myself, but I’m far too stubborn to throw in the towel. Plus I’ve come this far I must press on!

I profusely thank past Katie for packing anti vom tablets in my carry on. PRAISE BE TO HER. I had one and prayed for a miracle.

We wandered from lounge to lounge, like Joseph with his pregnant Mary, desperate to find an inn that would take us. “By invitation only”. Haaaaaaa FUCK YOU. Mum don’t worry I didn’t say that I just winced politely and staggered on.

One thousand Hong Kong dollars later (no clue what that is in Australian dollars but can’t be good, right?) And we have wifi, Hardy has a hot chocolate, and most of my body has stopped trembling.

And you know what the lady says at check in?

“Sorry but our toilets are under maintenance.”

FML. Someone invent teleportation already.

For the record, Hardy has been perfection the entire time, could not fault him. Even rubbing my back in the toilet. I could cry with gratitude!

UPDATE: plane delayed 2.5 hours. We’ve been awake for almost 24 now. Yeaaa boiii.


  1. I’m torn between laughing and suffering with you, but I’ve always been in awe of your ‘coping with whatever life throws at you’ powers. Hang in there girl, hug your boy, and think about “The Places You’ll Go”. It will probably take a couple of days to get over this uncomfortable start, but after that, it’s all systems go.

    1. Definitely laugh! That’s the whole idea of this thing, but gee I was in a world of pain! I’m hoping it will pass once I settle in as well. I’m glad now that I booked the tour, for the company and security. Feel free to do the told you so dance!!

  2. Oh my darling, how terrible. Only you can write about such an awful situation with such humour. ☹️🤮I hope things have improved and you are feeling a little better and your little man is continuing to be the little trooper. Hang in there. Lots of love. 😘😘😘

  3. Geez louise Katie, you sure made an entrance into Hong Kong you poor thing!! So was the vomiting from motion sickness, sheer terror or the fish??

    1. I’d say a combination of all things but I think anxiety really, about the landing and being in transit and tired etc. 🤪

  4. OMG ! Been there too, you are a champ. Loving your blog, even though I started from most recent and went backwards.

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