And we’re off!

Warning: obnoxious departure post ahead!

Well the time has come folks! A year in the making and now we’re at the airport waiting for our flight.

My bag was way too heavy for my liking considering we are outbound but I packed a spare bag so we can offload if need be! Brisbane has also introduced electronic check in via kiosks which was super annoying.

I love airports. I love flying. It’s such a buzz. Like the opening scenes to Love Actually. Sure, not everyone is flying for pleasure or en-route to something good, but the sense of possibility and adventure is what gets me. Plus I still marvel at how we manage to fly thousands of kilometres in a metal tube. What a time to be alive.

Like any self-respecting travellers, we’re at Windmill and Co. for a pre-flight snack, including pre-flight alcohol for mummy. A pleasure as always – thanks George and Rach. If you’re flying domestic, you MUST try their latest venture The Lord Lamington.

Breakfast omlette 🙌

I’d like to give a massive shout-out to my agent de voyage: Chris Ezzy and his wonderful wifey Sami (my cousin) for doing all the hard work and organising this trip. I didn’t think I’d need a travel agent because of all the handy websites and hacks these days, but Chris and Sam were invaluable with their knowledge – thinking of things I never would have considered. Plus they have access to more rooms and deals than you can poke a stick at.

That’s it for now, will check in at the other end. Someone has to drink this mimosa. What? Yes it’s only 9 am, but I’m getting into the #WhenInRome spirit of things (or rather #AlmostInRome).


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  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out Kt, you legend!! Can’t wait to follow along on your travels. We’ll trip around Italy and France vicariously through you so please have lots of wine, croissants (preferably not burnt to a crisp) and pizza!! Lotsaluv x

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